Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A skirt I could wear every day!

This skirt was so fun to make. The waistband is elastic, which makes it super comfortable. I wear mine all the time now! I plan to make many more skirts like this in different fabrics. I actually got new fall/winter fabrics yesterday for when the weather gets cooler.

With many of the styles and techniques I use, I have to talk it out with my mom first because she is such a problem solver. If I am ever unsure of how to make something look a certain way, she will figure it out! I was thinking of 2 ways to make this skirt and needed her opinion to help figure out the best way. After we figured it out, I ended up making 4 skirts in 45 minutes! I’m sure she gets tired of my interrupting phone calls to ask sewing questions while she is at work, but sometimes I am too excited to wait!

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