Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am blogging again, because I have nothing to do. I finished packing a few days ago. Emily gave me today off to get the last minute things done before leaving. I am done sewing, so I seriously have nothing to do. These are the skirts I forgot to take pictures of last night. They are all corduroy, except for the black and brown stripe one.

Also, check out shop tart's blog post about last night's party/trunk show!!

Flowers my cousins sent me for good luck before the trunk show yesterday! So beautiful and such a great surprise!


fuchsia corduroy skirt

black and brown stripes

mint green corduroy skirt

purple corduroy skirt

black corduroy skirt

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  1. Hey Molly,

    I love the new skirts. I was reading the shoptart today and was pumped to see u in the picture mix! I nominated u for an award on my blog. Keep up the good work lady!