Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The beginning

I started making dresses in July 2008.  The first dress I made was way too big and it is now a bathing suit coverup.  The second dress I made was also 3 sizes too big.  The third dress finally fit!  And that is how it all began.

I ended up making 16 dresses in July and I couldn't stop.  I wore one to my favorite boutique at home and the owner loved it!  When she found out I made it she immediately asked me how much I was selling it for.  I was shocked.  I of course said I can't sell these, no one would buy this.  I was about to go back to school for the fall, but I told her I would keep working on the dresses to make them more presentable and buyable.  

I did not have my sewing machine for the first part of fall semester.  I was taking 17 hours and I didn't want to be distracted by sewing.  I was constantly thinking up new dresses since I couldn't actually make them.  Finally, about 2 months into the fall semester, I brought my sewing machine to school (actually my mom's).  I started making dresses for my friends.  I also got time to make the seams look good on the outside as well as the inside.  

When I came home for Thanksgiving.  I talked to the boutique owner and we decided to sell the dresses for the spring.  I was so excited!!! 

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