Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The label

I knew I had to make a label to sew into the dresses.  I hadn't thought about labels or a name since I was only making dresses for my friends and myself.  

I first had to make up a name to put on a label.  My first name is Molly, but I didn't want the label to just say Molly.  My initials are MRS, so I thought I wanted to play off that.  I was thinking Mrs.  All of my friends liked that idea too.  I thought I was settled! 

My cousin is a graphic designer.  I knew I wanted him to design the label.  I called him and told him I wanted the label to say Mrs.  He said that sounded like an old lady.  He had seen my dresses and was one of the main people to encourage me to actually pursue this.  He didn't think the age group buying my dresses would buy something with Mrs. on it.  I told him every girl wants to get married and I still like the idea.  I thought about it and decided he knows more than me, so I'm changing it.  

I asked my mom to send me all the family names she could think of on her side and my dad's side.  She has a large family, so I had lots of names to choose from.  My friends and I sat around one night and tried all kinds of combinations of the names from the list.  After several hours, we finally decided on Ellen and Ollie.

Ellen was my great aunt and Ollie was her husband.  She lived down the street from my grandparents, so we were very close with them.  I can always remember Ellen sewing.  I thought this is perfect.  I have always been told stories about how incredible of a seamstress Ellen was.  I can't think about Ellen without thinking about Ollie.  The names just flow together.  Ellen and Ollie was officially the name chosen!

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