Monday, February 1, 2010

Last Jodi Arnold Event at the store

This was my last event at Jodi’s store. We had a girl come for the event that makes jewelry out of coins from all over the world. My favorite was a gold bracelet with a penny on it. Lincoln’s eye was a diamond. I will definitely miss the parties at the store after work on Thursdays, but not the cold walk back to the subway.

At this event Jodi asked me what was the best and worst part of the whole experience. There is no way to have a best there was just too much that was so great. I can't even remember what I said was the best. I know it was a list of things though. The worst was easy to answer. The absolute worst part was being away from my family for so long.

Hannah, Jodi, me and Danielle

Hannah and Danielle

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