Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gossip Girl

The one thing I wanted to do before leaving New York was to see Gossip Girl. The day Laura Lee came to New York Gossip Girl was filming. As soon as she got to my apartment, we went to Chelsea where they were filming to see if we could find them. We found all the trucks, but didn’t see anyone famous, so Laura Lee found someone working in one of the many trucks parked on 3 streets. She asked him where they were and what was going on. He showed us a sheet with all the scenes they were filming that day, where they were filming and what actor and actresses were in each scene. We saw from the sheet that we had already missed Chuck Bass, but everyone else was still there.

Then a different crew member came up to us because he could hear out southern accents. New York people love southern accents. I will miss the attention I got just from talking. He told us to come with him. He showed us which trailers belong to which actors. So, we were standing outside Chace Crawford’s trailer with the man, while LL told him that Chace and her were getting married and so on. Then the guy looks behind him and then looks back at us and says Chace is coming. LL and I were in shock and the guy runs off, because he shouldn’t have showed us or told us all the things he did. Chace turned the corner and was walking toward us. LL and I just stood there. We had no idea what to do so we just stared at him. As soon as they got close enough to his trailer, that we were still standing outside of, the body guard immediately said not now ladies, not now. And then Chace looked at us and said no we can take one. So we took out our cameras, while the body guard was still yelling hurry up ladies, we don’t have time for this. We got 2 pictures. LL closed her eyes for her one chance at a picture with Chace. She will never forgive herself. We ended up seeing Blake, Leighton, and Taylor that day.

The crew members told us to come back that night because they were filming outside. So of course we came back for a scene of Jenny drunk and stumbling and a scene of Nate and Serena getting into a limo.

LL, Chace and me outside his trailer

LL closing her eyes

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