Monday, November 30, 2009


I have gone to my aunt Ann's house in Rock Hill for Thanksgiving for 21 years. This was a big change to stay in New York and have Thanksgiving here. My mom, aunt, uncle and cousin came to NYC for Thanksgiving. My mom was here for almost a whole week! We did so much this weekend. I showed them everything I knew to show and then my cousin, Elizabeth, who has lived here for 3 years showed them around too. She always has the coolest places to take me! I love walking around the city with her. I was terrible at taking pictures this weekend, but I got a few of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then one of all of us on our stroll through Central Park. I had a great week/weekend, but missed my dad and brother!


  1. I know you are having a blast up there!!! I hope you have a very successful time in NY!!

  2. We missed you in Rock Hill for Thanksgiving. It wasn't the same without you and your mom (we actually had sweet potatoes left over!!).

    Also wanted to let you know that Margaret said a special prayer for you before bed last night. "Dear Lord, please bring Molly home safe so we can see her for Christmas. I miss her."